Basmati paddy is cultivated throughout the province of Punjab, however it is generally agreed that not all areas in Punjab Produce the Same good quality of 'Basmati'. Sona Rice Mills is based in the heart of the Basmati Rice production area and starts with the best paddy. Based on experience and time tested results, company procures basmati paddy from only the selected areas which ate well recognized to bring incremental benefits to Basmati rice due to their inherited nutrient profile and climatic conditions. The result is more parity, increased AGL, better milling yield and less broken during milling besides excellent cooking and authentic basmati aroma.

BASMATI RICE business is a very treacherous field, fraught with deception and breech of trust. SONA RICE MILLS, PAKISTAN, located in the heartland of Basmati Rice, is among the very few exceptions. A number of Brands in this area, reputed for their quality, owe their superiority to the humble efforts of SONA RICE MILLS. So, it is THE PREMIUM QUALITY where SONA RICE MILLS has made its mark. 

Now what remains is THE EXPERIENCE, for which there is no alternative. So, Let Us Give Experience a Chance.