Strength & Capabilities

Sona Rice has complete coordination and backward integration with the farming community for contract farming of rice where we provide the farmers with the necessary farm inputs including healthy seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides. Moreover, Sona Rice closely work with the farmers and organize sessions to educate the farmers on improved agricultural practices, responsible use of pesticides to ensure that the paddy rice conforms to all the applicable limits for toxins, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and microbial hazards as per the current EU legislation and international standards. The result is pure, healthy and authentic grains. Sona Rice also produces ‘Organic’ rice including Basmati Rice.

Quality is never a Coincidence
Quality stands out and it is always the result of continuous efforts, will and determination to get recognized. Sona Rice has a pride heritage of ‘Commitment & Quality’ and we are very much confident that you will love and be satisfied with not only your first, second or third shipment, but every shipment form Sona Rice would add to your trust and confidence in our company a number of Brands reputed for their quality, owe their superiority to the humble efforts of Sona Rice Mills. So, it is THE PREMIUM QUALITY where Sona Rice has made its mark. Now what remains is THE EXPERIENCE, for which there is no alternative. So, Let Us Give Experience a Chance.