Why Us

Our Location & Our Integration with Farming Community:
Our presence in Punjab, the hub of Basmati Rice cultivation, helps us to avoid intermediary costs, and thus it favors our Customers to procure the rice at a lower price. Also, Sona Rice has backward - integrated Contract farming for Basmati and coarse rice to ensure that out rice meet all regulatory & food safety issues on Pesticides, aflatoxins, etc.

Our People Care about Our Customers:
The hard-earned experience and reliability On high quality standards from farm to final destination, enables us to guarantee quality rice, consistent Supply and unequaled service.

Our Structure Allows Us to Listen and Respond To Out Customers regard less of Location and Size
We ensure that our each customer, irrespective of its size and location is catered to its fullest satisfaction.

Our Experience Aids Us to Understand and Cater the Stringent Requirements of Market Leaders
At SonaRice, our association with our customers is life-long. We continuously work with our customers to understand and exceed their expectations. Thus we support our customers to the fullest to help them achieve their goals.

Provide High Quality Products & Service valued by Our Customers
Delivering high quality rice and superior customer service has been strength of Sona Rice. We ensure that our rice is aged to satisfaction and yield best cooking and aroma.

Customer is our Top Priority
We are totally dedicated to meeting our customer’s requirements the first time and every time. Being a miller and processor, we have all the provisions and facilities to produce any kind of rice up to your specification. Moreover, our executives, fuelled with the passion to consistently surpass our customer’s expectations, personally involve and supervise every stage of operation, from procurement of the paddy to in time delivery of shipments. This not only enables us to produce the rice strictly according to your requirements but also helps us to avoid extra costs of having large on-board staff common in big companies and pass on extra savings to your company.

Total Customer Satisfaction
Our only goal is to serve you to your fullest satisfaction. Therefore, we closely work with you to understand your needs and provide you premium products of consistent quality through uninterrupted supplies at the prices, best favorable to you. Also, our exceptional customer service further complements your business because at Sona Rice, we believe that ‘Our success lied in the success of our Customers’. We do not make big claims, we simply deliver it.